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Welcome to the Marketers In Motion Podcast powered by the West Michigan Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Marketing is our passion, and as a Chapter we hope to inspire dialogue, fuel creativity, and create a community for marketers everywhere. Let the inspiration and dialogue begin.

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Joel Ombry: More Signal, Less Noise

More Signal, Less Noise: Finding & Focusing On Metrics That Matter

Marketers In Motion · More Signal, Less Noise: Finding & Focusing on the Analytics that Matter As the world goes digital, marketers are inundated with data about customer behavior. To avoid being overwhelmed we need to have extreme clarity on the business outcomes we are seeking and the analytics that will guide them. In this […]

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Photo of Angie Callen from Career Benders Inc

Personal Branding Strategies for a Rewarding Career

Marketers In Motion · Personal Branding Strategies For A Rewarding Career The majority of our AMA programming focuses on marketing, innovation, and problem solving for the organizations at which we work.  In this podcast we flip the script and put ourselves in the spotlight, discussing personal branding strategies and storytelling for a rewarding career. How often […]

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Episode 30-Building Brands Through Experience Design-Wordpress

Building Brands Through Experience Design

Marketers In Motion · Building Brands Through Experience Design Agencies and marketers alike are addicted to storytelling. The advent of so-called content marketing has been the equivalent of a speedball coursing through the craving veins of marketers who think that every problem can be solved by telling a better story. Soon they are going to […]

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EP 29-How to Rock Your Pitch-Melanie Spring Image

How To Rock Your Pitch

Marketers In Motion · How to Rock Your Pitch You have to pitch for money for your business or project. You have to tell your boss you deserve a raise. You have to explain why your project is going to be successful. In order to get to X ( the numbers), you’ve got to explain […]

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EP 28-Building an Innovation Led Org-Wordpress

Building an Innovation Led Organization

Marketers In Motion · Building an Innovation Led Organization What do innovation led-organizations such as Apple, Tesla, Google and Microsoft  have in common? What has been their secret to continually bringing innovative products to the market? How does one build an innovation-led organization? In this podcast we’ll talk through the “dos” and “don’ts” of how […]

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Photo of Skot Welch Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategist at Global Bridgebuilders

Cultural Competence & The New Marketplace

Marketers In Motion · Cultural Competence & The New Marketplace The truth comes with every phone conversation, every email or text received: your customer base is more diverse than ever. And nowhere is this new reality experienced more than in your brand’s marketing efforts. A marketer’s ability to navigate the shifting cultural landscape plays a […]

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Amplify Your Social Messaging

Marketers In Motion · Amplify Your Social Media Messaging Back in April, we planned to discuss how organic engagement reached an average low of .07% in 2019 and how can one ensure their message is being seen, but more importantly, heard, using digital media without the constant pay-to-play model? Since then, the pandemic hit and […]

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Resilience & Reinvention

Marketers In Motion · Resilience & Reinvention As we’ve all experienced, disruption can come quickly requiring nimble thinking and the ability to pivot. As we continue navigating these unchartered territories, marketers must remain resilient and focus on adaptability and reinvention. But, with all the change, it can be hard to know what direction to take […]

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The Marketing Metric Of The Future…Trust

Marketers In Motion · The Marketing Metric Of The Future…Trust The marketing metric of the next decade will be trust. There will be no more effective – nor more critical – way of building a brand than building a community who trusts you enough to advocate on your behalf. With trust in brands and advertising […]

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Episode 23-Crisis SEO Graphic

Adapting Your SEO Strategy In Times Of Crisis

Marketers In Motion · Adapting Your SEO Strategy In Times Of Crisis Communication is of utmost importance in times of crisis. During the pandemic many online platforms have offered tools that allow us to note our businesses as being temporarily closed, operating with restrictions, and/or provided the ability to post specific updates to our followers. […]

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Episode-22-PR Marketing

PR Marketing in Times of Uncertainty

As marketers we understand branding, communication, and brand storytelling, but what happens when the landscape changes and we’re faced with a crisis? How do we shift our voice and tone from our normal day to day communication while maintaining our consistent brand and image? The Coronavirus is not just your average crisis, it’s a global […]

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Episode 21-HR Marketing Feature Image

HR Marketing & Crisis Communication

With unemployment at 3% (as of 2/11/20) and upcoming demographic changes imminent, it’s all hands on deck to help in the “war on talent.” In the past, it was the HR department’s responsibility to find and hire the right people. Now, successful companies are realizing that recruitment is every department’s responsibility. Marketing teams are being […]

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Multimedia Marketing

Part of the challenge of an effective multimedia marketing campaign launch is knowing where to begin and what to focus on. The goal is to gain immediate impressions and, most importantly, long term retention. Marketers at companies of every size grapple with market placement, brand awareness and cost efficacy. The purpose of content marketing is […]

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Episode 19-Visual Marketing & Photography

Visual Marketing & Photography

Visual Marketing & Photography is a major component of brand storytelling. Every photo and visual element you share is a direct representation of your organization. In this episode we’ll discuss the impact your company’s own images make on all of your marketing materials. We’ll also reveal insider tidbits about how all images on the web […]

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Bill McKendry speaking about nonprofit marketing at an AMAWM Lunch

ROI of the Third Kind

Bill McKendry has been mixing business and nonprofit organization passion and purpose with clients for over 25 years. In this podcast we discuss how best to create brand and cause advocacy that creates win-win-win situations for both businesses and nonprofits alike. We’ll review examples from well-known companies like REI, Furniture Row, and JBL while discussing […]

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