Amplify Your Social Messaging

February 11th, 2021

by Josh Janowiak

Back in April, we planned to discuss how organic engagement reached an average low of .07% in 2019 and how can one ensure their message is being seen, but more importantly, heard, using digital media without the constant pay-to-play model?

Since then, the pandemic hit and marketers have helped to shape how we communicate with audiences and bring new content, videos and events to life in virtual formats. How can we as marketers, in an age of digital content saturation, reinvent and find ourselves pushing to move our brands to the top of a sea of samesies?

What we do is not unique, but how we do and share it can be. The key is to capture attention, amplify our message and keep our audience coming back for more. Ultimately, we are becoming a destination that attracts the right leads to your message without the constant need to spend more money on ads.

Key Topics

  1. Best practices to turn your followers into true fans, your clients into advocates and your community into collaborators without an ad budget.
  2. The art of capturing attention organically and the flywheel formula and tools it takes to keep it.
  3. How to take your message and become the “stand out” brand.

Jeff Dehaven

Jeff DeHaven, President & CEO, Digital Mitten

Jeff DeHaven’s passion for digital marketing began right after he graduated high school in 2003. At that time, Jeff launched the first social media agency in the Flint/Saginaw region. He specialized in training and consulting for MySpace.

Over the years, DeHaven has served as president of Social Media Club, Vice President of Social Media Association of Michigan, producer of Michigan’s largest social media conference, and was the founder of Geek Breakfast.

Today, Jeff works tirelessly to remain one of Michigan’s most known and referred to social media resources. His company (Digital Mitten) has had the opportunity to help clients utilize digital platforms, to raise awareness and revenue, from all over the state and beyond. Some of these companies include: TLC Television Network, Bavarian Inn Restaurant, Purdue University, Pioneer Sugar, and many more.

In his spare time, DeHaven is honored to serve as the social media contributor to his local CBS, NBC, and Fox News Radio affiliates. He also produces a podcast series, maintains an online educational community, stars in an award-winning YouTube Series (“Digital Mitten”), and is currently working on finishing his first book.

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