You didn’t pursue a career in marketing because you wanted to play it safe. You also didn’t choose this industry because it’s easy.

You’re the type that seeks a challenge. Thinks a little deeper. Stays up late and still gets up early. You’ve failed then came back stronger and wiser. You’ve gone above and beyond, but that’s not enough.

So what’s next?

Becoming a member of the AMA West Michigan is about supporting the industry you love and desire to be awesome in. You also want to see marketing in West Michigan continue to flourish. Clearly, this is the organization for you.

What does the AMA offer its members?

  • Networking.

    Nothing gets done without it. We help make it easier for members to connect more effectively by igniting conversations through events and content.

  • Education.

    Our relevant and informative speaker series offers dynamic programming that is timely and actionable.

  • Career Development.

    Besides education and learning, you’ll be plugged into a strong local support network, early job postings, and industry buzz.

  • Sales Connections.

    Utilize your new found network for business connections. Becoming a member can help you get a foot in the door to develop new partnerships.

  • Exclusive Content.

    You can choose from free content based on a variety of industries both, digital and print. Upon membership registration, choose two free publications, gain access to journals, webinars, reports and analysis, and promotions for events and seminars.

AMA members are a rare breed. We have a stake in the game and we’re giving it 100%. Our crew proudly represents, while working and playing hard. We can’t imagine doing anything else and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Group Memberships

There is savings in numbers. Join with some colleagues to get a group membership and save! A group of 3+ more individuals can apply for a group discount on AMA membership, even if you are not from the same organization. Sorry, student memberships are not eligible for this discount.

Group memberships are available by calling AMA national or at the link below.  (800) AMA-1150

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