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Inspiring Connection In A Hybrid Workplace

Marketers In Motion · Inspiring Connection In A Hybrid Workplace Inspiring connection in a hybrid workplace is going to be key for fostering a culture of connection. Many of us have gotten used to learning, living, and leading from home. While this has created flexibility and autonomy among teams, this can also create a sense […]

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How Strategy + Technology = Infinite Customer Experience. When: February 16, 2022 | 11:45am – 1pm How implementing Lead to Cash with CRMs can streamline data, topple silos, build relationships, and personalize customer experience. About the Speaker, Dan McGraw- DPT Solutions Having spent more than 20 years connecting people, processes, and technology to drive business […]

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Swimming Through Data: Demystifying the Complex Simplicity of Data-Driven Marketing

Marketers In Motion · Swimming Through Data: Demystifying the Complex Simplicity of Data-Driven Marketing ‘Data-driven marketing’ is a broad term referring to the process by which insights from data analysis are used to build targeted marketing campaigns. This process is both art and science. It blends the logical disciplines of data extraction and analysis with […]

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Upcoming Events: From Script to Screen - A Marketers Guide to Video Production

WHEN: Tuesday, May 21, 2024 from 11:30am - 1pm

WHERE: GVSU Seidman Center - Downtown GR, 50 Front Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI, 49504

From Script to Screen - A Marketers Guide to Video Production

AMA West Michigan is proud to present a panel discussion with video production professionals to discuss the latest trends, top tools, and exciting success stories from the world of video marketing. You’ll hear from the experts on how visual content and brand storytelling can be leveraged to increase traffic, improve SEO, generate sales, increase customer value, and improve customer/team satisfaction across all verticals.

Key Takeaways:
- Understand how to educate and excite your stakeholders about video
- Understanding the options for your business around types of production and resources
- Developing an in-house video strategy


Colton Phiscator

Colton Phiscator is the Director of Strategy and Business Development at IDEOLOGY. With a background that spans video editing, creative direction, and now strategic leadership, Colton has been a key player in driving IDEOLOGY’s growth for over 10 years. He now focuses on identifying new business opportunities, enhancing service offerings, building strong client relationships, and overseeing the growth of IDEOLOGY's sub-brands, Golden Hour and Cinerobotics.

Ingrid Brown

Ingrid Brown is the Director of Brand Communications & Video Production at Acrisure. She has many years of experience writing and producing videos for premium brands to help them grow through meaningful storytelling. She’s passionate about collaborating with creative teams to build visual narratives that help educate, engage, entertain, and inspire.
Omar Arredondo

Omar, a Mexico City native with a heart rooted in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founder of AVES Films, dedicated to using video as a catalyst for positive change and community enrichment. Passionate about authentic storytelling, soccer, music, and travel. As the driving force behind Aves films, Omar ensures that every collaboration is straightforward, transparent, and impactful.

Cameron Davis

As a Grand Rapids native, Cameron knew from a young age that he loved capturing stories. After graduating from Spring Arbor University, Cameron relocated to Fort Wayne, Indiana and worked at Indiana Wesleyan University - developing the school’s video marketing strategy. Today, he is Lead Videographer at Cornerstone University where he manages a team of brilliant editors and student workers looking to further their pursuits in storytelling, editing, and videography.

When Cameron is not working, he is spending time with his wife lovely Arika. Together they plan their next adventures, enjoy time with their precious niece and nephew, and volunteer at a host of organizations.

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