EP 33-Swimming through Data: Demystifying the Complex Simplicity of Data-Driven Marketing

Swimming Through Data: Demystifying the Complex Simplicity of Data-Driven Marketing

January 12th, 2022

by Josh Janowiak

‘Data-driven marketing’ is a broad term referring to the process by which insights from data analysis are used to build targeted marketing campaigns. This process is both art and science. It blends the logical disciplines of data extraction and analysis with the out-of-the-box creativity of which data to unearth, which types of clues to search for within the data mounds, and how to use those insights to your advantage.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the basic philosophical concepts behind successful data driven marketing, and that they often have very little to do with the data itself.
  • Recognizing that there are many aspects to a successful data driven marketing approach that require constant assessment and refinement, rather than just one cookie cutter playbook.
  • Recognizing the early warning signs that your data driven marketing campaign may not be on track.

Keith Brophy

COO, ADHD Online

Keith Brophy is a West Michigan-based entrepreneur with a background of building various nationally-focused businesses.Keith is currently COO at ADHD Online, one of the nation’s leading ADHD telehealth providers.Prior to this, Keith launched and served as Director for Business Lab at Emergent Holdings. He has served as State Director of the Michigan Small Business Development Center, CEO of Ideomed, General Manager of Enterprise Services at RCM Technologies, and CEO of Sagestone, among other endeavors. Keith has been on a range of for-profit and nonprofit boards for some of the region’s leading organizations.

He is a past Ernst & Young Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year, and companies he has led have received national accolades in areas including growth and innovation. Keith has been a speaker on future trends including testimony before state and national government bodies on business innovation, and has highlighted emerging marketing trends at the Latin American Marketing Association annual conference, among others.

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