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HR Marketing & Crisis Communication

April 5th, 2020

by Josh Janowiak

With unemployment at 3% (as of 2/11/20) and upcoming demographic changes imminent, it’s all hands on deck to help in the “war on talent.” In the past, it was the HR department’s responsibility to find and hire the right people. Now, successful companies are realizing that recruitment is every department’s responsibility. Marketing teams are being tapped to assist HR and talent acquisition departments. What does that mean for your company? How does your marketing team tackle “all other duties as assigned” when it comes to attracting talent? And how do you integrate this new audience into your existing marketing efforts?

This Lunch & Learn presentation was held before the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic. At the time of the podcast recording on 3/23/30 we discussed the additional layer of the importance of HR & Marketing collaboration during times of crisis such as the now unprecedented global pandemic. Now more than ever, HR & Marketing must work together to communicate vital information to staff, clients, customers, followers, and the public.

Key Topics

  • HR Marketing
  • Crisis Communication
  • Company Culture
  • Employment Brand
  • Recruitment Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing for Diversity
  • Selling the Community

Cindy Brown

Cindy Brown serves as the Vice President of Talent Initiatives and collaborates with other talent related organizations to address regional talent pipeline challenges. She worked jointly as Executive Director for Hello West Michigan and Vice President of Talent Initiatives for The Right Place for many years before stepping into her role for The Right Place full time. In addition, her experience includes project management and director of human resources. Currently, Cindy serves on the boards of West Michigan Works! Workforce Development and Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids.

Cindy’s favorite part about living in West Michigan is Lake Michigan, the sunsets, the beaches and the lake effect snow.

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Rachel Gray

As the Executive Director for Hello West Michigan, Rachel (Bartels) Gray leads the organization’s strategy, operations, and membership. She helps educate employers and prospective candidates about the region.

Hello West Michigan is a talent attraction and retention organization promoting West Michigan as a great place to live and work. The organization, which helps member companies increase their rate of success in recruiting top talent, was the first organization of its kind in the country.

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