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Welcome to our first event of 2024! We're coming into the new year strong with an amazing speaker and topic. This event will take place:

Tuesday, February 13, 2024
GVSU Seidman Center - Downtown GR
50 Front Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI, 49504

About the Event: Marketing's Role in the End-to-End Revenue Cycle

Who is responsible when revenue stalls and marketing efforts don't drive new and repeat sales? Are the leads just bad? Is the sales process broken? Did customer support drop the ball on contract renewals or implementation? Before the finger-pointing begins, consider that all three departments are integral to your company's revenue cycle.

Enter "Revenue Operations" or "RevOps," the fastest growing job in the U.S. right now according to a jobs analysis by LinkedIn and featured in a March, 2023 article by Forbes Magazine. In simple terms, RevOps is a practice that aligns an organization's operational functions with the sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

But how exactly does marketing play a role in optimizing your end-to-end revenue cycle? Join Jennifer Jurgens, CEO of 1 Bold Step to learn about this emerging practice and how marketing can lead this revolution in your company — ultimately driving more predictable business growth.

Jen is a catalyst that loves to make everything she touches somehow better, faster, and more efficient. From creating some of the first hosted e-commerce solutions at Pandesic (an IntelSAP venture), to working with The HON Company, Konica Minolta, Safety-Kleen, Adtegrity, USXchange, Mindpepper, and others to bring process and prove marketing ROI, to serving as executive director for Susan G. Komen Michigan, and most recently, scaling growth as the president of SalesPad, Jen brings clarity to the complex and builds trust-based teams that keep companies moving forward.

In her current role as CEO and Founding Partner at 1 Bold Step, she is helping companies and organizations organize, optimize, and grow.

Jen has a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business and a Master’s in Business Administration from Grand Valley State University.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 - GVSU Seidman Center- Downtown GR
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 - GVSU Seidman Center- Downtown GR
Tuesday, April 9, 2024 - GVSU Seidman Center- Downtown GR
Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - GVSU Seidman Center- Downtown GR

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