Resilience & Reinvention

September 10th, 2020

by Josh Janowiak

As we’ve all experienced, disruption can come quickly requiring nimble thinking and the ability to pivot. As we continue navigating these unchartered territories, marketers must remain resilient and focus on adaptability and reinvention. But, with all the change, it can be hard to know what direction to take and what strategies to put into place to adapt to the ‘new normal’. That’s why this year we’re focused on “Resilience and Reinvention” with programming designed to help marketers adapt to rapid change and find creative solutions to reinvent the way we do things.

Key Topics

  • Adjusting & Adapting Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Challenges
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Crisis Communication
  • AMA-WM 2020/2021 Programming

Ben Kaluski & Adam Clarke

We’re excited to have with us two of our very own AMA-WM board members, Ben Kaluski and Adam Clarke. Both Ben and Adam are going to share with us a little about our upcoming season as well as how they’re seeing resilience and reinvention play out in the marketing space.

This season, we’re welcoming Ben as the new AMA-WM President – he’s been with AMA for three years now and has served on the board helping with sponsorships and collegiate relations. In his day job he is the Director of Business Development for Freshwater Digital, a Grand Rapids digital signage and media company.

We’re also excited to have Adam, our VP of Programming back with us this year and on today’s podcast. Adam is the President at 1 Bold Step, a Marketing Operations Agency in Grand Rapids.

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