August 29th, 2016

by Dan Gibson

We want to thank everyone that came out last Tuesday for our new season kickoff and speed dating networking event! It was one of our best networking events and we hope you all left with the same feeling of excitement that filled the room throughout the entire event! It was a great way for all of us to meet each other and share our marketing stories in a fun and efficient activity!   We enjoyed seeing so many new faces and getting the chance to talk to many of you! We hope you enjoyed meeting our amazing board and learning more about what the West Michigan AMA is all about. For those of you that couldn’t attend, we are happy to announce our... Read More

August 15th, 2016

by Jen Wright

Hello West Michigan Marketers! After 3 years on the Board of AMA, I’m very excited to be kicking this year off as the President of our West Michigan Chapter! It’s such an honor to be leading the most incredible group of professionals that represent the oldest professional organization in West Michigan. Our new season begins soon and I’m thrilled to let you know what’s been going on behind the scenes. We’ve worked diligently this summer to enhance our events in creative ways and have put together an impressive lineup of speakers and programming for our luncheon events that you won’t want to miss. I know everyone that attends will leave feeling energized, informed, and ready to get to work! We are kicking this... Read More

June 24th, 2016

by Felicia Rowley

It’s that time of year when internships are in full swing for many students like myself. A lot of hard work and determination has occurred up to this point. You’ve probably gotten a year or two of college under your belt and have become passionate about your career and major choice. This is exactly where your internship comes in! But as many of us know, internships don’t always play out the way you may expect. Good news is, there are ways around the “intern stereotype”.  As a seasoned intern coming into my senior year of college, I have come up with several tips to better your internship experience whether it’s the first, second, or even third! 1.Talk with Your Boss Regularly Although it... Read More

June 6th, 2016

by Dan Gibson

Got a major case of the Mondays 🙁 ? Looking for a good deal to kickoff the week? The AMA West Michigan is here for you and we’re offering up a killer deal of $50 off our membership cost right now through June 24th! Think how you can reinvest that money… 10 caramel lattes, 25 tacos, a nice steak dinner! Sign up now and you could have access to awesome perks including career development resources, subscriptions to marketing publications, full access to, and the opportunity to grow your network right in your own hometown! Are you a marketing pro that is thinking of becoming a member? A recent graduate that’s looking to meet local professionals? If so, keep on reading! I’m going to give you 5... Read More

May 19th, 2016

by Hannah Morgan

The definition behind recruitment is to enlist people to join your organization or business. Many years ago, recruiters did this by picking up a physical phone book and calling candidates by going down the list of names. Today, the resources to aid us in recruiting are unlimited. The digital age has transformed the world of recruiting. We have LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Job boards, and the list goes on… However, in West Michigan we have a very unique community where perhaps solely utilizing technology isn’t the answer. Earlier this week I attended a luncheon event co-sponsored by the AMA West Michigan Chapter and the PRSA West Michigan Chapter, where a panel of local marketing professionals came together to share with us some of... Read More

April 19th, 2016

by Dan Gibson

Kimberly Elmore, Marketing Manager and Creative Consultant for Gilson Graphics shared what effective integrated marketing means to her and how she keeps things highly creative and engaging. She explained how her unique skillset and background has allowed her to be both left and right brained in order to dwell in the grey area between logic and creativity. She believes that tension drives her to produce artistic marketing materials that make an impact. She showed examples of past work and explained the process of creating those pieces while also describing how effective they ended up being. She outlined 5 key elements that go into all campaigns, both for Gilson and their customers. These elements act as a guide when developing integrated marketing pieces so... Read More

April 11th, 2016

by Felicia Rowley

Branding has long been associated with products and companies. It is the symbols, colors, wording, and even the emotions associated with it. Not only is a brand all of these things, but also how it is perceived in the mind. All these factors are essentially what differentiates each one from the other. That’s what makes branding so exciting! But what is personal branding? Although this might be unfamiliar to some, it is not necessarily for marketing professionals like ourselves. The real question is, are we taking full advantage of our own skills and expertise? As marketers, branding is a key skill that we should all be dedicated to and applying every single day.  Why? For one, we live in a competitive business environment.... Read More

March 30th, 2016

by Rachel Harden

Hello West Michigan professionals! With our 2015-2016 season coming to a close in just a couple months, we’ve started planning for the 2016-2017 season. We’re currently looking to fill two board positions. Graphic Designer – We need a designer who has a sharp eye and is interested in marketing. We’ll have you work on a couple small projects each month. Email Ninja – We’re looking for someone to make our eNewsletter their baby and make sure it has the best content and goes out on time. Interested? Email our V.P. of Communications, Kayden Grinwis, at p.s. Not sure if AMA is worth your time? We give you 5 reason you should join here

March 14th, 2016

by Carrie Brown

On Tuesday, March 8, AMA of West Michigan welcomed Jason Dodge, founder of BlackTruck Media + Marketing, who presented on Winning Big with Digital Advertising. In a cause-effect kind of way, as our digital world expands, so do our digital advertising opportunities. Let’s break it down. Digital has reach. Our days are filled with all things digital – devices, phones, tablets and so much data. Last year of the $600 billion spent on advertising, $65 billion was spent on digital ads. A number expected to grow. There’s been a huge shift in how we access data; 40% of the world population has the Internet. And more people are now connected to the Internet than subscribe to cable TV. We’re wired, connected and feverishly... Read More

February 29th, 2016

by Felicia Rowley

On Tuesday March 8th, AMA of West Michigan will host an exciting informational luncheon by Jason Dodge, founder of BlackTruck Media + Marketing, featuring a presentation on “digital advertising platforms”. The perfect opportunity to learn how one of our own local ad gurus wins big with digital advertising! The digital advertising industry without a doubt is constantly evolving due to trending technologies that drive our world. One minute email marketing is a thing of the future, the next minute, a thing of the past. So how does BlackTruck Media + Marketing keep up with these trends? For Jason, keeping up with the continuous technological changes has been “the most difficult thing” he’s had to endure while working in the industry. Some of the... Read More