Episode 19-Visual Marketing & Photography

Visual Marketing & Photography

February 23rd, 2020

by Josh Janowiak

Visual Marketing & Photography is a major component of brand storytelling. Every photo and visual element you share is a direct representation of your organization. In this episode we’ll discuss the impact your company’s own images make on all of your marketing materials. We’ll also reveal insider tidbits about how all images on the web are found by search engines, how search can tell when stock photos are being used, why that impacts your reach, and how original photography can lead to a significant increase in conversions.

Key Topics

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Photography Tips & Strategy
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Stock Images
  • Image SEO
  • Copyright & Usage Rights
  • Visual Marketing Trends

Adam Bird

Adam Bird of Bird + Bird Studio is part of a husband & wife team that works with a variety of clients nationally,  from their studio located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. His career started early freelancing for local newspapers while in high school and throughout college. This evolved into working as a freelance photojournalist for regional and national newspapers and news-wire agencies. With declining trends in the news print business and with the shift of entertainment and news online, Adam started a studio and became Adam Bird, Photographer.

He’s also been an ongoing AMAWM sponsor and his team is responsible for all of our awesome event photos online at AMAwestmichigan.org.

Email Adam at adam@birdbirdstudio.com
Connect with Adam on LinkedIn
Call Adam at 616.634.1139 (He love’s phone calls!)

Links & Resources

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