Bill McKendry speaking about nonprofit marketing at an AMAWM Lunch

ROI of the Third Kind

February 13th, 2020

by Josh Janowiak

Bill McKendry has been mixing business and nonprofit organization passion and purpose with clients for over 25 years. In this podcast we discuss how best to create brand and cause advocacy that creates win-win-win situations for both businesses and nonprofits alike. We’ll review examples from well-known companies like REI, Furniture Row, and JBL while discussing best practices. We also touch on ways to view public/private partnerships in a new light and offer a new perspective on the potential returns from these relationships, including:

RO Investment – Leverageable for the good of business, nonprofit and cause
RO Involvement – Engaging good done/felt by company, employees, customers, vendors, etc.
RO Impact – Measurably good for the people/things in need

Key Topics

  • Brand & Cause Advocacy
  • Cause Marketing
  • Nonprofit Marketing
  • Business & Nonprofit Partnerships

Bill McKendry

Bill McKendry is Founder + Chief Creative Officer of HAVEN | a creative hub and Founder + Board President of DO MORE GOOD

Bill’s quest to help grow the impact of businesses and nonprofit organizations began in 1994 when he brought years of big agency and big brand experience to the table in co-founding Hanon McKendry – a nationally-recognized advertising agency that had dedicated up to 50% of its efforts annually to working with nonprofits.

Since then, he and his teams have created and implemented marketing campaigns and branding efforts for a diverse mix of regional, national and international nonprofit and corporate clients, resulting in over 1,000+ award-winning programs.

Three years ago, JDA Worldwide acquired Hanon McKendry and Bill served as Vice Chairman + Chief Creative Officer overseeing all creative efforts in the firm’s six offices (Atlanta | Colorado Springs | Grand Rapids | Indianapolis | Traverse City | St. Simons Island).

Seeing a growing need in the idea generation space, Bill has recently launched HAVEN | a creative hub and is now independently running this specialty shop. HAVEN is a one-stop destination for strategic and creative ideas where a large network of agencies, alliances and freelance talent are custom-matched and blended uniquely by Bill for specific client needs and challenges.

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