Episode 2 – Social Media’s Next Era

February 7th, 2019


Social Media’s Next Era.

The social media landscape today bears little resemblance to the one many marketers are still operating in. Organic reach is dead, but in its place, we have the best tools for targeting and attribution ever devised (and growing smarter every day). Free yourself from worrying about “frequency” and “best times to post,” and learn where you should be spending your energy. To extract the full measure of benefit from social media today, legacy “owned” channels like one’s website and email marketing have renewed importance as valuable data points to feed the self-optimizing machines of PPC advertising.

Key Topics

  • How the business application (B2B and B2C) of social media has changed in the last five years
  • Trends on the horizon and how to prepare for them
  • What makes for meaningful KPIs
  • How social media makes every other part of your marketing strategy more important

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Derek DeVries of Lambert

Derek DeVries is a digital strategist at Lambert & Co. (previously known as Lambert, Edwards & Associates (LE&A)). His areas of expertise include social media marketing, crisis communications, online reputation management, digital branding, web development, and counsel on all things Internet-related.

Derek currently works with clients that include the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), New Holland Brewing, the University Research Corridor (URC), Greatland Corporation, Ranir, Boulder Canyon Foods, and Wolverine World Wide.

Derek DeVries
Digital Strategist

Podcast Show Notes

Social Media is no longer a supplement to marketing efforts, it’s necessary

The lack of monetization has killed smaller social media platforms and has led to a Facebook & Google Duopoly

Users spend roughly 1 hr/day on Facebook vs. 15 minutes on LinkedIn and other social media sites

The new Facebook algorithm allows for 2% organic reach on pages with 50,000+ followers and slightly more (5-6%) for pages with smaller followings compared with the 15-20% reach a few years ago. 

With 2% organic reach, conversions are now king, not engagement.

Is it worth growing your follower list numbers if you’re only able to reach 2% organically?

Is it worth creating strategic content calendars with ideal posting times to reach 2% of your audience?

All of these points are event more poignant since 91% of organic users may see but wont engage with your content

Those engagement users that do, cost 4.2 times more to convert

Raw click through rates are no longer a good measure of success

What is the best way to utilize social media?

Invest in original content. Social Media Users don’t like posts that are obvious advertisements

A/B test everything, analyze and make adjustments based on the data

If your time and resources are limited, consider spending investing more into email, website and other marketing avenues

Links & Resources

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Jon Loomer for Advanced Facebook Marketers

Derek avidly reads Jon Loomer’s blog to keep up with perspectives and advice on Facebook Ads and trends.