5 Key Elements to Effective Integrated Marketing

April 19th, 2016

by Dan Gibson


Kimberly Elmore, Marketing Manager and Creative Consultant for Gilson Graphics shared what effective integrated marketing means to her and how she keeps things highly creative and engaging. She explained how her unique skillset and background has allowed her to be both left and right brained in order to dwell in the grey area between logic and creativity. She believes that tension drives her to produce artistic marketing materials that make an impact.

She showed examples of past work and explained the process of creating those pieces while also describing how effective they ended up being. She outlined 5 key elements that go into all campaigns, both for Gilson and their customers. These elements act as a guide when developing integrated marketing pieces so that each piece retains a high level of creativity, while also achieving the marketing goals it was created for.

The 5 Key Elements of Effective Integrated Marketing Campaigns:

  • Creative
  • Message
  • Offer
  • Data
  • Frequency

Kimberly created the clever mnemonic, “Cats Make Old Dogs Fly” as a way to remember each word of the 5 key elements. She also explained how art imitates life by highlighting her long time love for cats and how she developed a creative marketing campaign based on Frank the Cat. Just one of the many examples she gave that encouraged attendees to be bold, be inspired, and create reasons to have conversations. Keeping these unique elements and themes in mind when developing future marketing campaigns will ensure a more creative and effective campaign!


If you missed Kimberly Elmore speak at our most recent lunch event, we encourage you to attend the final luncheon of this season which is co-sponsored with the West Michigan Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). We are proud to be teaming up with another strong professional network this spring. Just one more exciting reason to become involved!

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