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August 20th, 2019


It’s 2019, but ineffective, outdated and unhelpful websites still hamstring the majority of marketers. New technology and experiences continue to push the web forward every day, but often, sites go untouched for years. Your websites should be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts, not something you work around.

In this podcast we discuss what you should be focusing on in 2019, how to start triaging what you have, and how to evolve from establishing a stable baseline to a sustainable practice of continuous iteration. We’ll also cover how to tell if your site should be iterated, refreshed, or rebuilt based on your unique situation.

Key Topics

  • Discovery
  • Mobile’s Effect
  • SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Design
  • Future Proofing

Blue Flame Thinking

Since their founding in 1965 Blue Flame Thinking has had the honor of working through thousands of complex marketing challenges for clients. Along the way, they’ve developed a unique perspective and an invaluable set of expertise in helping clients navigate change. It’s this devotion to advancing knowledge and skills that brings them continued success in helping diverse B2B brands, especially those in the financial and manufacturing sectors, to find their better.

Josh Stauffer
CEO & President
Blue Flame Thinking

An optimistic believer in digital’s transformative power on the landscape of B2B marketing, Josh brings over a decade of agency experience to his role as CEO and president of Blue Flame Thinking. He has the hands-on experience of a former programmer mixed with the sharp instincts of a dedicated client partner. Both of which help him focus the agency, and its relationships, toward the future. Josh started making things at a very early age. His formative years were filled with hours of sketching, carving, building, painting and traveling.

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