Pace Layering

Pace Layering

June 25th, 2019

by Josh Janowiak

Pace Layering

With constant change in the Marketing Technology (aka martech) landscape, there are now more options available to businesses of all sizes for lead generation and engagement strategies than ever before. But with all of these wonderful technologies available, there needs to be a strategy for selecting the right platform and understanding how these systems fit within your overall business technology systems.

Today we discuss the concept of Pace Layering, which provides a framework for businesses to organize and align martech systems with business strategies. Understanding the concept of Pace Layering will help your company make timely and strategic business decisions when it comes to selecting martech systems. We’ll discuss key components of Pace Layering, how to apply it to your business, and examples of how other businesses have utilized this concept.

Key Topics

  • Pace Layering
  • Marketing Technology
  • Martech Auditing
  • Martech Strategy


Dig is a digital conversation company. Dig fosters digital conversations between brands and the marketplace by leveraging data and technology to create engaging, meaningful relationships.

Dig brings over 45 years of combined experience in digital marketing, marketing automation, and tech solutions. Their goal is to deliver more leads, help create more customers from leads, and increase customer value within every experience.

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