B2B Marketing: Don’t Waste Time on Boring Hard to Find Content!

April 19th, 2017

by Dan Gibson

A recent post from our national AMA headquarters offered some statistics and explanation on content created by B2B marketers, and how often it isn’t being used by sales people in their organization, mainly because they don’t know it exists or even where to find it.

The article cites various challenges with content and the audience it should reach, both internally and externally.

Key Takeaways

  • ​What? B-to-B marketers and sales teams often aren’t on the same page, as 52% of marketing managers say sales teams don’t know where to find content.
  • So what? Wasted content is wasted money; 38% of marketers say they aren’t sure if the content is serving its purpose.
  • Now what? A first step to closing this gap is for organizations to discreetly measure content marketing’s effectiveness so the highest-performing pieces can be elevated.

Read the entire article here

Speaking of B2B marketing…

Our next and last luncheon, for this season, is coming up on May 9th and just happens to be based on Death to Boring B2B Marketing! We’re excited to bring Cliff Seal, UX Lead at Pardot (part of Salesforce), to drop his knowledge and experience applying design thinking methods to B2B marketing.

We hope to see you there!