The Benefits of LinkedIn Vs. the Traditional Resume

November 29th, 2016

by Felicia Rowley


College is a time for exploring your interests, finding yourself, and learning how to be independent. But most importantly, landing your dream job! Typically this happens post graduation, but after all, isn’t that the real reason you went to college?

If you’re like me, nearing the end of your college career, building your professional and personal brand becomes critical. You’ve polished your resume, but have you prepared your LinkedIn page for the professional online world? Whether it’s a yes or a no, it’s never too late to create a LinkedIn profile or add some finishing touches to what you already have. However, the sooner the better.

Here are 6 key benefits to utilizing LinkedIn as a college student:

1. Information All in One Spot

Unlike having to email a resume, cover letter, and reference page in separate documents, LinkedIn lets you put it all on one single page; your profile. Start off with an introduction of yourself and let the rest follow.

2. No Resume Page Limit

Good news! Rather than limiting your resume to the norm of one page, LinkedIn lets you include as many experiences as you wish. If there’s something you weren’t able to put on your resume, this gives you the opportunity to do so. This social media platform allows you to clearly define each experience and skill.

3. Build a Professional Network

LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for connecting with professionals. It’s great for engaging with interviewers, co-workers, and those you wish to know on a professional level. Direct message or even like and comment on their content.

4. Create a Personal Brand

Social media accounts can really say a lot about you as a person. However, this channel can have a large impact due to its professional nature. This is often the first stop for recruiters. Design your profile how you want your brand to be reflected.

5. Know the Interviewer

9 times out of 10 you won’t have much information on the person (or people) conducting your interview. This is another reason why LinkedIn is so wonderful. Search their name, click on it, and find the information you need. Next time you have an interview, impress them with what you know professionally about them. 

Job Searching and Alerts

Use the job search tool bar to find internships and fulltime positions. You can use either the standard or the advanced search bar. The advanced search bar allows you to filter location, experience levels, industries, and job functions. Better yet, you can get alerts sent to your email if the job you want isn’t available at that moment.

This is also a great way to get in touch directly with the person doing the hiring or interviews. 87% of companies use LinkedIn as a key part of the recruiting process. Don’t miss your chance to be apart of the largest go-to, professional network. Prepare yourself early and stay ahead of the competition. Join LinkedIn, create a profile, and connect away!

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