Event Preview: Jason Dodge of BlackTruck Media + Marketing

February 29th, 2016

by Felicia Rowley

On Tuesday March 8th, AMA of West Michigan will host an exciting informational luncheon by Jason Dodge, founder of BlackTruck Media + Marketing, featuring a presentation on “digital advertising platforms”. The perfect opportunity to learn how one of our own local ad gurus wins big with digital advertising!

The digital advertising industry without a doubt is constantly evolving due to trending technologies that drive our world. One minute email marketing is a thing of the future, the next minute, a thing of the past. So how does BlackTruck Media + Marketing keep up with these trends? For Jason, keeping up with the continuous technological changes has been “the most difficult thing” he’s had to endure while working in the industry.


Some of the key elements to stay current with these shifts are reading about it and of course research! But the biggest element of all? Conversing with other industry professionals and attending industry events such as these!

On the downside of the movement though, is the ability to adblock. In September of 2015, Apple was actually one of the first to incorporate adblocking into their latest version of iOS. In addition, there have been a noticeable amount browser add-ons to supplement the digital world. But with every unfavorable aspect of digital advertising, comes a lesson to be learned by all. Jason stated, “While it’s certainly a concern, perhaps this is something the advertising world needed in an effort to place the user first?”  

Along with these digital trends comes the need for the right tools to report on. This is where the fun part comes in for many marketing professionals. But for Jason and his team of digital ad geniuses, it really depends on the project they are working on. At the end of the day though, it’s all about data. Tools such as Google Analytics and Campaign Tracking are a few suggestions Jason uses to keep track of their online presence.

The biggest hurdle of all though? Having to measure your ROI from digital ads and campaigns. I think many professionals in this industry could agree with this struggle.

“But seriously, this is a challenging question to ask any marketer, isn’t it? This is like me asking what the ROI is on having spent $10k on a billboard for a month. In the case with digital, we’re able to report back on that traffic that is being generated to the site”.

Although there are several challenges, evaluating the success of an ad today has become easier and easier with the digital advantage. But it’s having the right tools that make it less painful. With that being said, it’s no wonder digital advertising has become a thing of the present and the future.

Another amazing aspect of digital advertising is the ability to work with low and high budget clients with ease. “The beauty behind digital advertising is it’s completely scalable for budgetary constraints”. If you’re looking to spend a lot or just a little, digital advertising allows for all varieties of allowances. For Jason and his team, their methods are fairly simple.

“Our approach for both types of clients comes down to goals. What is it that they are hoping to achieve? Once that is defined, alongside their budget, we are able to provide them with a roadmap on where to go”.

After all, it’s really all about understanding your client’s goals and knowing your target audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital professional or not, this is your chance to learn a thing or two from Grand Rapids Business Journal’s 40-Under-Forty Business Leaders.

To learn more about BlackTruck Media + Marketing’s take on digital advertising, attend the next AMA West Michigan’s luncheon March 8th. For more information or to register for this event, visit amawestmichigan.org