Inbound Marketing: The Journey From Stranger to Customer

February 2nd, 2016

by Felicia Rowley

Did you know? AMA West Michigan is hosting MINDSCAPE’s very own CEO and Co-Founder, Pete Brand, this Tuesday, February 9th. This is the perfect opportunity for those looking to network, enjoy some lunch, and learn a little bit about the inbound marketing hype!

As marketers, we know that this industry is constantly changing and evolving because of technology. Digital marketing has been what we call, “the future of marketing.” But for most of us, outbound marketing or “traditional marketing” has been our go-to approach. Methods like print ads, billboards, email blasts, television, and trade shows have been what we also call the “norm” of marketing.

So how did we go from outbound to inbound? Simply put, the digital age has in a way created this so-called new form or method of marketing. But is this really a new concept? Not really. Actually, most would say this form of marketing has been around for a long long time. Instead of a push, inbound marketing creates a pull, thus building relationships, providing value, and producing results.

This isn’t a luncheon you’ll want to miss! Discover and understand the inbound marketing methodology, identify several ways to generate more leads and customers, and lastly learn how to calculate your ROI from inbound marketing.

You’ve always wanted to know about inbound marketing, so don’t miss your chance. Mark your calendars quick because you won’t want to miss this upcoming AMAzing event!

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